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CHARM engineers assist a live surgery in Jena

Strengthening the bridge between engineering and surgery for new CHARM cancer diagnosis tool

CHARM engineers recently attended a live surgery on a head and neck cancer patient at Jena University hospital in Germany. This endeavour was meticulously organised by biologist Franziska Hoffmann and her team to expose engineers to the practical aspects of cancer diagnosis in the clinical setting.

CHARM project partners gather at Jena University hospital’s clinical facilities for a live biopsy surgery.
Pneumatic tube for fast transportation of biopsies.

Witnessing the surgical procedure and the transfer of the biopsy to the Institute of Pathology in real-time allowed CHARM engineers to witness the current challenges faced by clinicians in detecting and diagnosing cancerous tissues.

The live surgery was commented by head and neck surgeon Orlando Guntinas of Jena University hospital. Following the surgery, the team was encouraged to exchange ideas with Professor of pathology Nicholas Gassler.

By incorporating the clinical perspective into the engineering process, the CHARM team aims to create a user-friendly tool that seamlessly integrates with existing clinical workflows, ultimately benefiting both patients and clinicians.

As these bridges between engineering and medicine continue to strengthen, CHARM efforts will result in a diagnostic tool for a faster and more accurate cancer detection.