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The workplan has six technical work packages (WPs); each one aims to develop of a specific asset for the deployment of the innovation to the market:

WP1: Laser Source development & optimization

WP Leader: Cambridge Graphene Centre 

Following the work performed in the ERC project GSYNCOR project, this WP aims to develop a compact, turnkey, low-cost fibre laser usable in a clinical environment covering both C-H stretching and fingerprint regions.

WP2: Coherent Raman Microscopy and detection

WP Leader: Politecnico di Milano 

This WP aims to develop a Raman microscope and integrate it with the laser source developed in WP1.

WP3: Development of Clinical Decision Support System for Head and Neck Cancer diagnosis

WP Leader: University of Cambridge – Computer Laboratory

This WP aims to develop a Clinical Decision Support System for Head & Neck cancer diagnosis, capable of sensitivity and specificity >98% in the discrimination of diseased tissue vs healthy tissue and >90% accuracy in the classification of tumor subtypes.

Medicine doctor or medical students with stethoscope using digital tablet laptop,Health Check with digital system support for patient with medical icon at hospital, Medical network technology concept.
Businessman on blurred background using modern microscope with digital analysis 3D rendering

WP4: Product Development & Standardisation

WP Leader: CRI

This WP aims at engineering a broadband chemometric SRS platform (medical device class C), fully interoperable with hospital digital infrastructures (PACS, DICOM, etc), integrating the SRS microscope and the CDSS developed in WP2 and WP3 into a Chemometric Pathology System (CPS)

WP5: Preclinical Validation & Regulation

WP Leader: Jena University Hospital (with CNR-IFN)

This WP aims to demonstrate the use of CHARM technology in clinical environment on diverse range of biopsies of Head and Neck Cancers, while providing trial protocols for the optimal working conditions.

Female doctor with group of happy successful colleagues

WP6: Stakeholder engagement, exploitation, communication and dissemination

WP Leader: CRI (with INsociety & Inspiralia)

This WP aims at raising awareness on the project while engaging key stakeholders; as well as facilitating the translation of the project results into products and market deployment.